100 Points is a way to establish which teams you truly LOVE and HATE the most across all sports -- including professional, college, and even international leagues. To start, select all of the teams that you LOVE or HATE but ignore teams you merely "like" or "dislike". After you have selected your teams, Allocate Points to establish your relative feelings for each one. You get exactly 100 Points (of LOVE and of HATE) to apportion to all of your beloved and despised teams. By completing your own My Love/Hate cards, you learn which teams you REALLY CARE ABOUT.

Once upon a time, two friends were in a dilemma. One was a die-hard Charger fan, the other a die-hard Bronco fan. Naturally they both hated the Raiders, but which one hated them more? To answer this important question two ground rules were established: Each of them had to name all of the different teams in the world of sports that they hated, and then each had to assign 100 total hatred points among those teams. Whoever had assigned the most hatred points to the Raiders would be considered to be the greater Raider hater. Thus the concept of 100 Points was born.

100 Points of LOVE is a way to establish your relative LOVE for the teams you feel passionate about. You get 100 Points to allocate across all of the sports teams you LOVE. Right now you're just placing teams in this category. Next you'll be able to establish your relative LOVE for any given team by assigning points.

The many usesof your finalized 100 Points totals: Resolve inner conflict Finally, you can determine which of your favorite teams you TRULY love and hate the most across all sports. Compare your points - Are you a bigger fan of your favorite pro team than your favorite college team? Or do you hate a despised rival even more? Determine who among your friends truly is the biggest fan or hater, and who has the bigger life-long commitment - as represented by Core Points Similarly, expose which one is the biggest bandwagon jumper through Flex points. Impact the Worldwide Rankings for the teams you care about and track the historical data for any given team Banter with your friends and share your My Love/Hate results via email and/or social media Show-up that fair-weather fan at your local drinking establishment who seemingly is the "biggest fan" of whichever team is winning (or whoever he bet on) Finally have something other than Fantasy Football to talk about at sports gatherings